Why You Should Always Protect Your Rugs With Rug Pads

Uncategorized / Monday, March 5th, 2018

Decoration and design always tend to ‘think globally and act locally’ in their own strange and logical way. Sometimes, things are oriented to be functional than stylish, and rug pads are ‘guilty as charged.’

Rug pads aren’t just one of the many add-on items that salesmen and women want us to buy without any particular or practical reason. It’s not spending money on a useless item, but a reasonable, and smart, investment that could save us from harmful situations at home. It is also not only for the cases where we purchased a rug that isn’t compatible with the type of the flooring that we have in our homes but also for protecting and prolonging the average life of any floor-type. Hence, select the right rug pad for your floor.

Slippery Slope

Area rugs can be very slippery, especially if they’re placed on smooth flooring. Even if the floor is made of wood, there’s still a possibility that the rug could change its position. If someone were to step on it, it could become a pretty dangerous situation.

The primary purpose of the rug pad is to prevent slipping. It is designed with a surface that sticks to the floor and the rug. It acts like chewing gum stuck under someone’s shoe. It may sound silly, but it does its job exceptionally well and keeps your safety.



A Long-living Rug Is A Happy Rug

Besides increasing the safety level, experts have already noted that rug pads can protect the rug from wearing out too soon. It is an absolute fact that rugs facing a hard floor – mostly tiles, or granite floors – are very prone to damages, tearing and wearing out sooner than other floor covers.

Rug pads are made to prevent this flaw. They act like cushions or shock absorbers, and they compress the strain off the surface of the rug. This way, a rug could last longer than usual because all the fibers would stay in an excellent condition, thanks to the rug pad and its stress-absorbing characteristics.

Floor Protection

It doesn’t matter which flooring-type you have chosen. There’s no doubt that it should be properly protected from scratches, discolorations and so on. Area rug’s backings could be harmful to the flooring, especially if the back is a little too rough and the floor is made of wood.

Colored rugs can also be a potential threat. The color could easily transfer on to the flooring – a usual case where a carpet has saturated and robust color and is placed on light-toned tiles. The rug pad is a protective barrier that keeps both the rug and the floor safe. It can also act as an ‘air-pad,’ helping to aerate the space between the carpet and the floor.

One of the many extra benefits that a single rug pad could provide is the noise reduction as well. If you already are a rug-lover – then you should think of buying a rug pad the next time you visit your favorite rug store. It could save you loads of hard-earned money and the most important – your ideal rug would stay in excellent condition longer than usual.

It is a life-long investment that is worth every penny!

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